I Got into an Accident and have a DUI. Will My Insurance Company Cover Me?


Automated Braking Systems Prevent Crashes

You’re traveling too fast and suddenly you realize— “Oh no! I don’t have enough time to stop.” You brace yourself for the collision and then all of a sudden, your car stops in time. That’s when you remember that you have an automated braking system! And guess what? You just saved your car and maybe […]

Toyota Increases Production Capacity In China By 20 Percent

Hot on the heels of the news that Toyota is planning on expanding its capacity to produce electric vehicles in Tianjin, they have now announced that their operations in Guangzhou will be growing to increase overall automotive production capacity by approximately twenty percent. Toyota’s current production capacity is approximately 1.16 million vehicles per year, with […]

When Did You Last Clean Your Seat Belts…If Ever?

Your seat belts can save your life and many people are still alive because they wore them. Here at 1stCertified Collision Center, we often work around seat belts, so we know that they are necessary to car safety, and that’s why we often stress that folks wear them. Your seat belts will get on-going daily […]

Advancing Technologies In Glass We’ll Be Seeing Soon

With so few advances made with automotive glass over the last fifty years, it’s easy to think that there’s not a lot of ground to over before a new substance replaces glass entirely. Still, with glass manufacturers thinking outside the box it’s safe to say that there’s still a lot of life left in the […]

A Car with Its Own Personality: The Toyota Concept-i

We know that cars today are smart and many of them can actually think, but how about a vehicle that comes with its very own personality? Does that mean if it wants to go faster, it will complain? Will it give you driving advice or argue with you about directions? Well, not exactly–the new Toyota Concept-i […]

Common Errors First-Time Car Buyers Make

Buying your first car is a genuine rush! At 1stCertified Collision Center, we don’t want you to get taken at the dealership, so here are some common errors that many first-time car buyers commit that we are sharing with you. Most car dealerships are honest and fair but you can run into a shady one […]

LAPD Leases Fleet of Electric Cars from BMW

A new type of police vehicle will soon be cruising the streets of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is joining a number of other companies in going green by adding 100 all-electric BMW i3s to its fleet. Based on news provided to 1stCertified Collision Center, LAPD signed a deal with the German manufacturer […]

Are You a Red Light Runner?

You’re approaching an intersection and the light is yellow. Do you speed up to make it through or do you slow down and get ready to stop? If you’re an average driver in this country, you probably accelerate when you see a yellow light or maybe even when you see a red one.  At 1stCertified Collision […]

Don’t Get Caught Up in Road Rage

There are many angry people on the roads all the time, especially in cities where traffic is a daily problem. After encountering traffic day after day, even the most levelheaded people can fall victim to road rage. At 1stCertified Collision Center, we have seen road rage firsthand and we know that it is caused by a […]

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