10 Fascinating Factoids About The Ford Mustang


10 Fascinating Factoids About The Ford Mustang

In 1961, Lee Iacocca, the VP and General Manager of Ford Division imagined a car that would seat four people comfortably in bucket seats with a floor-mounted shifter and a sporty look. He also made sure that it had to be no longer than 180 inches while weighing less than 2,500 pounds and Iacocca’s target […]

Potholes Can Get Your Car in a Rut

Here at 1stCertified Collision Center, we often get cars in our shop that have been damaged due to potholes or where collisions were ultimately caused by potholes, so it’s a serious problem here and nationwide. If you’ve ever encountered a serious pothole while driving, then you know what we’re talking about. In most cases, drivers […]

Is Premium Gas Better than Regular?

Some people with expensive luxury cars or muscle cars that want that extra power say that premium gasoline is the best way to go. But at 1stCertified Collision Centers, we want to tell you that this is a bogus claim and for many years people Southern CA and throughout the world have been spending too much […]

Read This and Don’t Be Another Car Vandalism Victim!!

In large cities and even in tiny towns, car vandalism is at an all-time high. If you’ve ever had your car keyed, broken into or vandalized, you’re mad and probably focusing on a way to prevent another occurrence in the future. The sad fact is that most vandals are rarely caught and that’s why so […]

Studies Claim Parents Cause Much of their Kids’ Distracted Driving

Talking or texting on a cell phone while on the road is called distracted driving and something that every parent should discuss in-depth with their teenage drivers. But now a new study about teenagers behind the wheel shows that in many cases, their own parents are driving them to distraction. Can you believe it–parents are […]

Roads that Think: The Smart Highways of the Future

As we all know, cars and becoming smarter and eventually they will allegedly all be driving themselves. People who drive their own vehicles 20-30 years from now will be considered “old school” or “traditionalists” and they will have to go to special tracks to drive them. Yes, cars have increased their IQs in a big […]

Will Hemp Cars Smoke the Competition?

When I told a friend recently that cars made of hemp were making a big comeback, he thought I was joking with him. “Do Cheech and Chong own one?” he said with a laugh. I told him that hemp cars are a reality and several carmakers are currently developing them. Here at 1stCertified Collision Center , […]

Clear Answers about Clear Coat Paint

At 1stCertified Collision Center, we paint cars for customers every day for people who live all over CA. Some of the more basic tasks associated with applying clear coat might be something you can do yourself. But, anything a little more involved or elaborate should really be performed by a collision repair facility that has the […]

What All Those Numbers on Your Car Tires Mean

What All Those Numbers on Your Car Tires Mean Your car’s tires are one (actually four) of the most important safety features your vehicle has and are unfortunately among the least understood aspects of automotive maintenance. Most car owners know little about their tires, beyond the size and how much tread they have left. There […]

Does your Teen Know What to Do After a Car Accident?

The dreaded call from your teenage driver… “Dad, I’ve just been in a car accident.” With summer coming, there will be more teenage drivers throughout Highland. No matter how careful they are, it’s not uncommon for new, inexperienced drivers to be involved in a fender bender. Here at 1stCertified Collision, we see accidents involving teens […]

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